Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When the going gets slow.... yell at your builder!

So after they set the house, we went in to check it all out.  Its been a few weeks since then.  The outside work is now finished, but the inside looks sadly the same!  I got on the phone with the manufacturer to tell them how unhappy we were with our builder- mostly the fact that they haven't been there to do any work!  I won't bore you with details regarding the other issues.  We are simply at the point everyone who builds a house gets to.  We are anxious to move, and frustrated with our builder over issues we shouldn't even have to think about!

Anyway, ten years from now this won't matter.  We'll be in our home and it will be a story to laugh about.

The kitchen is essentially done.  We have our stove and are just waiting on the rest of our appliances.  One thing we realized is that we never picked out hardware for the cabinets- I guess that will be a project for us to complete later on down the road!

The living room is mostly done.  The floors are even in under that pad!

These stairs will be stained and finished to match our floors.

Charlie's room.  And no, this isn't a fancy photo technique- the left half of the picture looks torn because the door frame isn't up yet.

Master bedroom from the doorway.  All that wood flooring piled in the middle of the room- it is still piled in the middle of the room.
 Master bedroom closets.  The bathroom is beyond them.

I will say that the basement stairs are a lot nicer than anything I expected they would provide.  For whatever reason, this part of the house just fascinates Charlie.  "Can I go to the basement?"

Anyway, after a lengthy conversation and being on the receiving end of more attitude and swearing than I wanted, there are actually a few guys there working this week.  If they keep it up it could be just a few weeks- but we have been hearing that for awhile, so if we are in by the end of April I will be thrilled!

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