Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boy Toys

I had barbies.  And dolls. And all kinds of pink and girly toys.  I LOVE having boy toys all over my house.  Trains, Blocks, Cars, Boats, Firefighters, Construction Toys.  It is so fun!  Anyway, Charlie and I were playing and he asked me to take a picture of his train.  Here's what we ended up with:

In case you were wondering, this is MightyMac.

This is Emily.

And let's not leave out that cheeky Thomas!

 Charlie will set up tracks and play for hours.  It is so cool to watch.

Charlie got this cool set of roads/boats/construction/firemen stuff for Christmas and his birthday.  Martin found pieces of brio track that allow the road system to work with the train tracks.  Some mornings we set ALL of it up and then you can't walk through our living room.

 I love the whimsical style and colors that the hearthsong set brings in- its a cool contrast with the trains, but still very fun!
 It is so neat that he is finally getting to the point where imagination kicks in.  His play is more than just pushing trains- they are talking to each other and having fun!

Love seeing those chubby fingers!

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