Thursday, July 31, 2008

(Not) Validating my 21st Birthday

July 26th was my 21st birthday. I had a blast getting pedicures with Jen and then spending the evening hanging out with friends, eating delicious cake and lots of yummy food. It was a great day, but alas, turning 21 was more than a little anti-climactic. Having spent much of the last two years in the bars, going out seemed pointless. Especially because none of us are really "bar-going" people and no decent bands that we know of were playing that night. So, there was no validation of my turning 21- no beer buying, beer chugging, or beer pong. But hey, I guess I should look at it and be grateful, I've been "21" for quite awhile!

Randy made me a wonderful chocolate and peanut butter cake (amazing doesn't describe it). It was a cake that tasted like reese's peanut butter cups, yum!

I went with a nice bright blue-green color for my toes! Very Summery! It was my first pedicure and definately won't be my last!

Jack got me some _very_ beautiful flowers!

I had a great day and was glad to share it with a pretty awesome group of friends!

Oh, and Martin and I spent the next day on the couch watching Arrested Development Season II. It was nice to just be lazy. Until of course we decided to go hiking around at Genesee Couty Park. You know, let's hike up the toboggan hill because its there? It was great weekend.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday Fondue

My friend Jen took me out for a wonderful dinner at The Melting Pot to help celebrate my birthday! The food was wonderful, the service was great, but somehow a fondue dinner ends up taking three times the length of a normal meal. I'm not complaining- we had a blast and it was a nice, relaxing meal and we were sure not lacking for conversation.
We had the meal for two, which included salads, a cheese fondue and our actual meal.... it was great. We followed that with a yummy chocolate turtle dessert and they even brought out champagne for us to toast my birthday! Great place, and we both agreed we'd go again for sure.... I just need to make sure its on a day that we're not in a rush....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello Big World!

I've been inspired by Martin's blog to try to keep my own. It will be an interesting experience and while I intend to blog about our activities and interests, I also hope to include a more in-depth look at how we are managing with all of our veggies we are receiving through a recently joined CSA program at Porter Farms , along with some scanned images of some scrapbooking I have done. I will attempt to avoid too much overlap or repetition among the two, but we do spend a lot of time together! We'll see how it gets divided up.....