Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egg Hunt

Last night we had an  egg hunt at Mema and Gaga's.

 Charlie was in his glory having pizza with the big boys!

The kids waited anxiously to get out there and hunt, but just as dinner was over, it started raining.  We sent them out right away thinking it was going to just pass.

 The kids were running so fast, it was difficult to get any pictures.  They wanted to find those eggs.

 Charlie was the worst "finder."  He would literally have an egg between his feet and not see it.  Aunt Melissa took pity on him and was helping him out.  She said to him at one point, "get that egg!"  He responded with, "You get it!"  I think he thought she was hunting, too!

 The rain didn't just pass, though.  It turned into quite the downpour.  This picture of Charlie's friend Ronan cracks me up.  They weren't phased a bit!  

We called them in when it got too nasty out.  They played for awhile and when the weather let up again the kids went out for round two.

Luke and Ronan hit it off.  They had a blast playing together.

All the kids flew out the door and ran for eggs.  Charlie stopped just off the porch steps and started looking around.  He didn't know where to start!

 "Hmmmm, where _are_ those eggs?

 "Over there?"

"Maybe over that way?"

 Ronan got right into it- he and Luke took off RUNNING! 

Charlie found a few along the side of the house.  

Here is my beautiful niece, Rylee.  She was the youngest there, but the best hunter.  This kid rocked it.  Her bag was FULL.  She may have gotten a few "extras" too.  Who wouldn't want to add a teacup, a ball, and a fish to their egg stash?  It was too cute!

This series of photos cracks me up.

Overall, the kids had a blast.  Happy Easter!

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