Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Indian Ladder Farms- Visiting the Farm

After picking apples we headed over to the farm and pet (and kissed!) some animals, "drove" a couple of tractors, had cider and donuts, and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather. It was a perfect day!

Indian Ladder Farms - Apple Picking

We took Charlie apple picking at Indian Ladder Farms again this year! It is such a cute place and what a great experience for him! He had a blast. His Aunt Cara came and helped him pick a few, too!


Charlie has been _so_ into playing "ow-side" lately! The weather has been great for it, too! We have been walking to the playground at the elementary school near our house. He will play for _hours_ if you let him. He likes to "race" down the slides and figured out he can climb up two of them.

Playing at home

Charlie is your typical boy, which is a lot of fun. He has been into stacking and building with his blocks. He is very serious about it, but has a lot of fun, too.

Lazy about posting!

Well, I've become extremely lazy about posting pictures! I plan to try to do it a bit more regularly, as I just realized we have over 500 pictures on our camera! We've been super busy the last month. We have been playing outside, learning lots of new things, took a trip to Buffalo, went to the fair, went apple picking, a few short hiking trips, lots more playing outside. It's been fun!
Uploading pictures now- enjoy!