Monday, August 31, 2009

The Great Sacandaga Lake

We went up to Sacandaga Lake for the day on Sunday. Aunt Melissa rented a house, with a gorgeous sandy beach and beautiful view. Her friends Gary and Karen came with their two kids, Mason and Leslie. Leslie is two weeks older than Charlie, so it was fun to see them playing together.

Here are some pictures from the boat ride. All of the kids fell asleep and napped until we got splashed by a huge wave!

Charlie and Mom


Charlie looked so cute in his little life jacket!

Charlie with Daddy.

When we got back from the boat ride Leslie and Charlie had a great time checking out the sand on the beach.

They are definately in the "side by side" stage of play.


Charlie kept trying to steal poor Leslie's shovel! One of his cousins finally got him his own to play with.

Sun bathing with Audrey

Scooping up sand

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aunt Melissa's crew...

My aunt Melissa and her kids came over to go swimming a few nights ago. We had a good time.. and Charlie just loves little Luke... plus Charlie slept through the entire swim, so Martin and I got to swim ourselves!

Hanging with Samantha

Samantha came down and spent her day off with us yesterday. We had lunch, made cupcakes and went swimming.

Charlie and Loki's crate

Charlie's new favorite thing is climb on poor Loki's crate. We had just gotten back from the pool yesterday and when we got his swim diaper off, he took off to the crate before I could grab him!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The new place

Well we did make the move for anyone who didn't catch on to that yet. Our cute little two bedroom is just enough space for us for now... and in a very beautiful location. Lots of nice sidewalks and places to go. Here are a few shots of the apartment.

Charlie's Room

Our back porch

Our bedroom


Pictures of the office area and living room will come up on the blog when the last 3 or 4 boxes are unpacked and put away.

Seeking a new church...

Among many things.. we have to find a new church that we feel comfortable attending during our time in Delmar. Though I hate the term... we are essentially "church shopping" for a bit. Charlie got on his Sunday outfit and we had to get a few shots...

Brush 'em, brush 'em, brush 'em....

When we brush Charlie's teeth, he likes to try to do it himself for a bit. He has five teeth so far... two on top and three on bottom.

We had a Chinese restaurant in Batavia that we had become very fond of- especially during my pregnancy days when we ate lunch there every Saturday. We decided to eat there "one last time" before we left. Here are a few pictures of Charlie while we were there.

Nana's house

While we were home looking for a place to live, we also spent a few hours at Nana's one day. Charlie had a blast checking out all of the toys...

Charlie at Mema and Grandpa's

When we were last home to my parents' a few weeks ago to look for an apartment Charlie had a good time with his Mema, Grandpa and Aunt Cara..