Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Our little man is getting so big already.  It is going way too fast!  I need to start snapping more pictures before we don't have any to look at later!

Birthday Party

 Charlie had a "Thomas" birthday this year.  He loves his trains so much, and was SO excited!  He is still telling us about the Thomas cake his Aunt Sissy got for him!

Charlie's friend Aaliyah came.  He was so excited to have his friend there.

 Uncle Chris and Gaga snuck in a few snuggles with Matthew while Charlie was busy!

Train Ride

 For Charlie's third birthday we decided to let him ride the train.  Charlie and I had Martin drop us off at the Albany Rail Station and pick us up in Schenectady.  We took a train ride to Nana's!

They gave Charlie a paper train and a coloring book with crayons.  He also got an apple juice!  He couldn't have been happier.  He just kept smiling and saying, "we're on the train!"

He told me that next time we will take the train to Nagymama's.  That would be a really long trip!

Christmas Morning

 Christmas morning we got up and Charlie opened his stocking first.  He was so excited (and still so sick) that we had to stop and do the nebulizer before we opened presents!  He didn't seem to mind.  He just played trains while he did it!

We decided to buy Charlie a set from Hearthsong that is wooden cars, roads, etc.  We were overall happy with the decision (and split the set up, so he received some of it for his birthday).

Christmas Eve

Charlie was very sick during Christmas.  His asthma causes small colds to become pretty nasty very quickly.  We were in the pediatrician's office on Christmas Eve morning.  Charlie ended up spending the holidays on an oral steroid, along with albuterol and budesonide via the nebulizer every few hours.  It was a little difficult, but we made it through.  We ended up staying home for Christmas Eve, and each opened one gift.  Charlie was so excited for Christmas to come, but managed to go to sleep pretty easily!
Anyway, here are shots from our Christmas Eve:
 Matthew slept through it all.

 Martin got Ticket to Ride- the card game version.  Ticket to ride is an AWESOME game, and I hope the card game lives up to the same standards.  We haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, though!

Charlie got Mommy a pair of earrings.  Every time I wear them he says, "You're wearing the earrings I gave you!"

Loki got a new bed.  He usually ends up shredding them at some point, but so far its still in great shape. I think that is because the cat took it over and claimed it as her own!


I bought two gingerbread kits this year.  Charlie had so much fun decorating them.  By far, our little conductor thought the train was better!  The only unfortunate thing was that I didn't plan for a place to keep them and they ended up hogging 1/3 of our table for the entire holiday season.  

The boys

Here are a few shots of the boys hanging around the house in our jammies one morning.  I love the shots of them looking at each other!


Charlie's cousin Rylee came over to play one day.  They had a great time playing and it was so nice to get to spend time with her!

Nagymama and Nagyapa Vist

 Martin's parents were kind enough to make the drive out to visit us after Matthew was born.  They made the drive as a day trip!  It must be an easier drive without kids ;-)

Here are a few shots from their visit:

The New House's Progress

We are still in progress on the new house!  We have a basement (this was taken a week after Matthew was born.  The floor in the basement is poured, we have a "tarp roof" over the basement to keep snow out and everything is ready for the house to come!  We are expecting to have it delivered mid to late February and move in sometime in early March.

 Charlie and Daddy checking out our well.  I can NOT wait to drink water that doesn't taste like Chlorine!

 This will be our front yard!  Because it has been unseasonably warm, the grass was actually growing under the hay in December!