Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Becoming an Accidental Almost-Vegan

Matthew was having some serious crank sessions in the evenings, and after a week of being unable to comfort him during these stretches, I figured it was probably something I was eating.  Typically, if a baby is colicky, Mommy is eating one of three things.  I wasn't sure I could eliminate any of them.    
Call it love.  Call it desperation.  I cut all three at once.  I switched to green tea in the mornings.  I cut out all dairy and chocolate.  Easier said than done.  But it worked.  Then I tried to reintroduce them one at a time.  Coffee was fine, but I would now rather drink the tea.  Chocolate didn't seem to matter.  Dairy, oh how I will miss you!  I have been off it for awhile and tried twice to reintroduce it.  However, I don't think I have even paid attention to whether or not it bothers Matthew.  Here's the thing.  
We already buy rice milk for Charlie, due to the increasing research linking dairy consumption and asthma.  
We have been slowly working our way toward eating less meat, currently eating it less than once each week.  We're still working toward completely eliminating it from our diets.  This is by choice, and while some will agree and some won't, we are choosing this as a family.  It stems from health concerns, 
But now I have to eliminate dairy along with it?!  
Oh well, such is life.  

Anyway, because of this, I took some vegan cooking/baking books out of the library.  One of the first baking recipes I tried is for banana chocolate chip muffins.  The recipe was super easy!  These are by far the BEST banana muffins/bread I have EVER had.  They are super moist and they have chocolate chunks in them!  

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