Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Charlie was very sick during Christmas.  His asthma causes small colds to become pretty nasty very quickly.  We were in the pediatrician's office on Christmas Eve morning.  Charlie ended up spending the holidays on an oral steroid, along with albuterol and budesonide via the nebulizer every few hours.  It was a little difficult, but we made it through.  We ended up staying home for Christmas Eve, and each opened one gift.  Charlie was so excited for Christmas to come, but managed to go to sleep pretty easily!
Anyway, here are shots from our Christmas Eve:
 Matthew slept through it all.

 Martin got Ticket to Ride- the card game version.  Ticket to ride is an AWESOME game, and I hope the card game lives up to the same standards.  We haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, though!

Charlie got Mommy a pair of earrings.  Every time I wear them he says, "You're wearing the earrings I gave you!"

Loki got a new bed.  He usually ends up shredding them at some point, but so far its still in great shape. I think that is because the cat took it over and claimed it as her own!

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