Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A week's worth of words...

Last week I went home to visit my family in Westerlo. It was fun-filled and exhausting. My brother's girlfriend has a 3 year old, who by all means is _busy, busy, busy._ I had a blast playing with him, he's got quite the imagination and he's very perceptive! I think the funniest thing he came out with was after he had icecream with my dad. Dad gave him one scoop and of course, he himself had several more than that. Dad hands Dylan his one scoop and says "A littl cone for a little belly." The next day he tells my mother, "Myra, I have a little belly... and Charlie has a _big_ belly. It was so funny (and true!) He's a cutie pie:

Mom recently acquired some bicycles and has been very diligent about riding every day. Which meant that while I was home, I had to ride every day too. I forgot how sore a bike makes your tush when you aren't used to it! Whew...

Thursday, my parents and I packed up from Westerlo and headed out to Delta Lake State Park for some camping in the rain! Dad was prepared- with two huge tarps, and we stayed nice and dry thankfully. Martin came out Friday night to meet us (with Loki in tow) and Saturday the sun came out all day. It was a good trip and it got us wanting to go camping at least once more before year's end. (We remembered the camera but forgot to take pictures!)

So we got home on Sunday and first thing Monday morning Loki and I drove out to Porter Farms to get our veggies for the week. Martin's got all the details on this weeks 20.2 pounds of veggies, here, on his blog. But here's a picture anyways...

Loki was so excited to have gotten to go "bye-bye" in the car that he came running through the house and ended up sliding on the floor and wacking into the bannister, the poor guy got a nice little gash on his face:

We then spent yesterday cleaning and baking, mostly finding "creative" ways to use up our zucchini. Zucchini bread and zucchini and cheese "scones" were the result... both were delicious, though I ended up with way too much bread and ended up freezing half of it. More for later... mmm.

So that's the update..... oh, and I've decided to work on painting the front hall/stairway. So spackling happened this morning and color choosing will be next!

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