Monday, August 18, 2008

Garage Sale Gurus

My mother found some really awesome deals at garage sales this summer, and Martin and I have been jealous! She got 2 bicycles for five dollars a piece, and a bunch of toys and camping gear cheap!
We finally figured out her secret though- you have to stop and look at garage sales! We stopped at a few this weekend and got some good deals. We got a crockpot (ours bit the dust a few weeks back) for only a dollar. It works and we have ribs cooking in there now. Its missing a leg, but Martin said he can fix that no problem. We also got a book on homemade pasta (we got a pasta maker at the beginning of this summer and the recipes will be a good inspiration) for only 25 cents. Our other big deal is kind of gimmicky- but we got a fried onion making kit for 50 cents, and figured since we enjoyed the one we had for lunch, maybe we'll cook some up for our friends....
Those were this weekend's finds.... good deals... and by not buying new, we are doing our part to "reduce, reuse, recycle."

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supremedesigngod said...

Hey - if you really wanna 'reduce, reuse, and recycle' then be SURE to join your local 'freecycle group'. They are on yahoo usually. The point of the group is that before you think about junking anything you post it on freecycle. and other people look - and usually take.
I have to say, everything I have posted has been taken. I posted and old gym I had - gone. I posted an old ZIP drive - gone. It's great.

Oh yeah, and the group is free.