Monday, August 31, 2009

The Great Sacandaga Lake

We went up to Sacandaga Lake for the day on Sunday. Aunt Melissa rented a house, with a gorgeous sandy beach and beautiful view. Her friends Gary and Karen came with their two kids, Mason and Leslie. Leslie is two weeks older than Charlie, so it was fun to see them playing together.

Here are some pictures from the boat ride. All of the kids fell asleep and napped until we got splashed by a huge wave!

Charlie and Mom


Charlie looked so cute in his little life jacket!

Charlie with Daddy.

When we got back from the boat ride Leslie and Charlie had a great time checking out the sand on the beach.

They are definately in the "side by side" stage of play.


Charlie kept trying to steal poor Leslie's shovel! One of his cousins finally got him his own to play with.

Sun bathing with Audrey

Scooping up sand

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The Jack of Fools said...

awww that's too cute Charlie and Leslie playing in the sand together hee :)