Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And one final birthday cake...

We got a coupon for a free cake from the grocery store's bakery for Charlie's birthday. So, after all that fun, we _still_ had another cake to eat!

Birthday Party

We rented the "clubhouse" at our apartment complex and threw a party for Charlie the Sunday following his birthday. We had a wonderful turnout of family and friends to help us celebrate (despite the nasty weather).

Birthday Boy Turns One

On Charlie's actual birthday we opened his presents from Mommy and Daddy with him. He got a bike helmet, a magnet set for the fridge, a new book, and a ball tower.


We headed out Christmas evening for Buffalo (straight from Schenectady). Charlie was a good traveller, but the day had him wound up and we had to stop and let him eat and play. Here he is sporting his Christmas PJs.

Christmas at Nana's

Christmas morning we got up and packed the car. We went to Nana's to celebrate and had a lot of fun, visited with family and ate way too much food!

Nana got Charlie a pegboard with hammer for Christmas and Sissy got hime a drum filled with musical instruments.... Charlie had a great time playing with his new toys with Daddy and Uncle Shane.