Saturday, June 12, 2010

Howe Caverns

We went to Howe Caverns with Caryn, Gary, Mason, Lezley, Connor, Audrey, Trevor, and Luke. Add in our three, and you total 11 people! It was a good time. The pictures are only so-so, but it was really hard to see until the flash went off! It was dark in there.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I scream, you scream...

... we all scream for icecream! Charlie got to have his first icecream cone _ever_ the other day. I was very nervous because of the peanut allergy, but I did my homework and it all worked out fine! Charlie loved it, and barely came up for air while he was eating it! They have a playground and he had fun running around and playing with toys when he was done.

Charlie Playing Outside

Here are pictures from another day we went to my parents' to play. I love that little rain coat... he looks so darn cute!

Mother's Day

We had Mother's Day at Nana's and here are some pictures of our family that was there. Sorry they are so late Sissy- it's been so busy!

The new swing set!

Charlie's Grandpa built him a swing set and we went up to check it out. Charlie had fun climbing the rock wall stairs and going down the slide. He even decided he likes to swing again!

Some Overdue postings.....

Playing at Mema and Ga-ga's house. Charlie has a sand table and a few outside toys and just loves to run free at my parents' house. He has so much fun and never sits still! He is loving the warm weather and we've been outside a lot more (hence the lack of postings!)